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Why Travel to our Sober Homes West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens Location?

When it’s time to find the best sober homes in West Palm Beach, Florida you may often consider convenience first. But the truth is, change is a higher priority. Your first inclination may be to find a sober living close to home after treatment, but there are some very sound reasons to stay away from home for yourself or a loved one. Reasons for living far from home include:

  • You get a fresh start - A new Palm beach county location allows you to move forward without constantly being reminded of past mistakes. Being just around the corner may seem like a good idea initially, but the goal is long-term recovery, not short-term convenience. A new environment allows clients to more easily focus on the goals of recovery and healing. Traveling to a new location can help balance the work of recovery and make the entire experience less challenging and more enjoyable. Some people can relax more when they begin recovery far from home, because they feel more hidden from people they know
  • You face fewer distractions - A new Palm Beach Gardens place far from home doesn’t allow for as many distractions. Seeking help is a life-changing decision and ditching old, harmful patterns is necessary. That’s much easier to do with a change of scenery. Also, traveling for sober living makes it harder, on a purely practical level, for patients to continue using drugs or alcohol. They are far from dealers or familiar liquor stores that are part of their addiction and substance use history.
  • You can avoid triggers more easily - In a new West Palm beach location, there are no memories of past substance abuse. You’re not near any locations or neighborhoods that are triggers. There are no old groups of friends that you’re tempted to track down. When people travel to sober living, they can no longer rely on old friendships, and they are placed in environments where new bonds are formed. This allows clients to begin to experience healthy relationships and learn how to build them. In a new location, you have the freedom to truly focus on you and your recovery, and that’s what the process should be all about.
  • You can curb impulsive behavior - When people go to sober living close to home, it is easier for them to follow through on an impulsive decision to leave when life happens. Remaining in sober living for an adequate length of time is vital to ultimate success.
  • You may find a better fit - While you may know of programs close to home, it doesn’t mean those facilities are the best fit for you. Finding the sober living that meets your unique needs is key.

Most people seeking help for addiction don’t initially plan to travel for treatment or sober living, but once they do, they see the benefits almost immediately. Taking the time to establish your new life in sobriety will give you the foundation you need for long-term sobriety and a happy, healthy future.

Palm Beach Gardens History

Edna’s sober homes Palm Beach Gardens, Florida was established in 1959 by insurance magnate and landowner, John D. MacArthur. His vision was to develop approximately 4000 acres and provide homes for people in the new community. He wanted this new city to be a place to raise a family, earn a living and to realize the American dream.

Mr. MacArthur envisioned the city streets lined with trees and flowers. He loved beautiful gardens and when the name “Palm Beach City” was denied, he decided on the current name. Mr. MacArthur wisely invested millions of dollars to create the Florida community with hundreds of waterways, rolling terrain, magnificent mature pine and shade trees, and rich foliage. Because Mr. MacArthur was a lover of trees and Mother Nature, he instructed that city streets and construction go around trees that had been growing there for many years, such as Banyan trees. This made for an expensive proposition, but he wanted to build a city that was entirely new and unblemished. Churches were the first buildings to be built in the city. He wanted to ensure that the city had a variety of houses of worship to serve residents of all faiths.

Facts – County, Airport, Public Transit

Palm Beach Gardens has a population of 53,000 and is approximately 55 square miles. Our sober homes Palm Beach Gardens location is at the north of Palm Beach County. Our local airports are Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) and Ft. Lauderdale International Airport (FLL). Edna’s is only 20 minutes from PBI and about 55 minutes from FLL.


From Palm Beach Int’l Airport (16 minutes) – Take 95 North to Northlake Blvd. (Exit #77). Go West (Left), proceed west approximately 1 mile, cross over Military Trail, turn right onto E. Highland Pines Blvd., house is down on the right – house number 9142 E. Highland Pines Blvd. (NOT DRIVE)

From Ft. Lauderdale Airport (1 hour 15 minutes) – Merge onto I-595 West, toward I-95, keep right to gain entry to I-95 North; go north 55 miles to exit 77 – Northlake Blvd.; go left (west) approximately 1 mile (crossing over Military Trail); go right onto E. Highland Pines BLVD. (NOT DRIVE) – house is on the right 9142 E. Highland Pines Blvd.

From Miami International Airport (1 hour 45 minutes) – Follow signs to gain access to I-95 North; stay to the left for approximately 20 miles for the variations in lanes for I-95 North; head north for 55 miles to exit 77 – Northlake Blvd; go left (west) approximately 1 mile (crossing over Military Trail); go right onto E. Highland Pines BLVD. (NOT DRIVE) – house is on the right 9142 E. Highland Pines Blvd.


Palm Beach County's public transit bus system called PalmTran, helps the area provide the best drug rehabs in Florida. With this comes the best recovery residences. Palm Tran serves the entire county, and Edna’s is located 2 blocks from the bus line. Palm Tran has a real-time bus information app making it simple to navigate throughout the area even when not a “local”. Palm Tran travels along US Highway One (#1 Line) and Military Trail (#3 Line) from the Palm Beach Gardens Mall all the way to the Boca Raton Mall, which is approximately 37 miles and takes about 1.5 hours to travel by bus. However, these 2 main bus lines for the county can get anyone to the other connecting buses to get to any destination or job.

Tri-Rail is the public rail system, which starts in WPB, goes all the way to Miami. Tri-Rail schedules are synced with Palm Tran’s bus schedule making the use of public transit user friendly. It can be used as transportation to Palm Beach International and Ft. Lauderdale International airports. Highways I-95, the Florida Turnpike and I-75 are all close and accessible from Edna’s and travel the length of the state in various directions.

Jobs, Schools, and Medical Care

Palm Beach Gardens offers many opportunities for employment and the bus line is just 2 blocks away from Edna’s Sober House. The largest industry in PBG are retail, professional, technology, health care and restaurants. Most common jobs held by residents are management, sales, administrative, business and finance, and food service. Palm Beach Gardens has many choices for education – Palm Beach State College, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach Atlantic University and Keiser University.  Palm Beach Gardens has multiple hospitals in our area including Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Jupiter Medical Center, St. Mary’s Hospital and the West Palm Beach Veterans Hospital. Two blocks from Edna’s is an Urgent care clinic and multiple national pharmacy chains.

Things To Do

Palm Beach Gardens has an abundance of attractions such as beaches and waterways. The Gardens Mall has more than 160 shops and restaurants, which offers ample opportunity for shopping or employment. Downtown at the Gardens also has unique shopping and restaurants, and the Cobb Theatre. In the local area, there is the Flagler Museum, the Norton Museum of Art and the Kravis Center of the Performing Arts. For sports fans, there is spring training baseball facilities locally for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Florida Marlins, which is very exciting each year. The Miami Dolphins football stadium is just one hour away and the Miami Heat play at the American Airlines Arena which is 1 ½ hours away. The local concert venue is Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach and hosts world recording artists for all musical enthusiasts. Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studio is two hours away by the Florida Turnpike.

Palm Beach Gardens has many public recreation opportunities, such as The Tennis Center with 18 courts, Aquatic Center with a 25 yard lap pool and dive well, and finally numerous public golf courses. Palm Beach Gardens also has 13 public parks for leisure, sports and grilling/picnics. One of the most magnificent of these parks is named after the city’s founder, John D. MacArthur State Beach Park. The park is considering to be one of the nation’s best state parks.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park stands out as an “island in time”. It preserves the natural heritage of subtropical coastal habitat that once covered southeast Florida. Nestled on an Atlantic Ocean front barrier island, John D. MacArthur Beach State Park is the only state park in Palm Beach County. It is an environmental treasure which has been preserved for present and future generations to discover and experience.

Exploring almost two miles of pristine beach and swimming, snorkeling and fishing in the clear blue waters of the Atlantic are only the beginning of the fun you can have at the Park. Other amenities at the Park include a Welcome Center, Beach Outfitters Gift Shop, Kayak Rentals, a children’s playground, nature trails, and picnicking facilities.

Best NA and AA Meetings West Palm Beach

Florida is the home of some of the best AA meetings West Palm Beach offers. Many clients of Edna’s Sober Homes Palm Beach Gardens, Florida come to us after entering a drug and addiction treatment center and find themselves scared and confused while seeking purpose and unity. Most of these individuals try Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to assist in recovery. These meetings have a great purpose for many seeking long-term recovery. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other 12-step programs help foster education and deep relationships with individuals experiencing the same difficult obstacles. With so many coming to South Florida, it is no wonder why South Florida hosts the best AA Alcoholics Anonymous meetings Palm Beach Gardens.

According to Alcoholics Anonymous, the only absolute requirement is the desire to stop drinking, but many suffering from drug addiction are attracted to this helpful entity as well. These meetings are just as vital to early recovery as they are to long-term recovery, with the first goal being to attend 90 meetings in 90 days, or “90 in 90.”

The Palm Beach Gardens Alcoholics Anonymous community is large and active. Club Oasis is the largest meeting clubhouse in Palm Beach Gardens and offers more than 50 meetings a week.

What are the Top 10 A.A. meetings Palm Beach Gardens?

  1. 5:30 pm After Hours Group – 7 days a week
  2. 3:30 pm Happy Hour Meeting – 7 days a week
  3. Noon Meeting – 6 days a week (*Sunday at 11 am speaker meeting)
  4. Men’s Meeting – 4 mornings a week at 9 am
  5. Women’s Meeting – M-F 10:30 am
  6. Young People Living Sober – 8:30 pm
  7. Noon Lunch Bunch – Log Cabin at Tropical Sands Church
  8. Men & Women’s Saturday meetings – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
  9. 164 Big Book Meeting – Sunday at 8:30 pm
  10. Ladies Step Forward Group – Mon. 5:30 pm – Nativity Lutheran Church

Other clubhouse locations near Palm Beach Gardens would be the Triangle Club in West Palm Beach and the No Matter What Club in Jupiter. The Triangle Club hosts 40+ meetings a week. The No Matter What Club holds 20 meetings a week. The Club Oasis hosts a monthly anniversary celebration dinner, the Triangle Club hosts an annual golf tournament and the Big Book Ball event is held on New Year’s Eve. These are just a few event examples that offer service and fellowship opportunities.

Palm Beach Gardens Narcotics Anonymous has a strong base of 30+ meetings with even more meetings when you expand into West Palm Beach and beyond.

What are the Top 10 NA Meetings Palm Beach Gardens?

  1. 603 North Lake Boulevard – 8:30 pm daily
  2. First United Method Church – 8 pm Wed, Fri and Sun
  3. First Unitarian Church – Noon Monday through Friday
  4. Ocean view Methodist Church – 7:30 pm Monday
  5. Juno Beach – Marcinski & A1A – 7:30 pm Friday
  6. Holy Spirit Lutheran Church – 6:30 pm Saturday
  7. Under The Bridge – Indian Town Bridge – 10 pm Saturday
  8. Tropical Sands Church – 8 pm Saturday
  9. 450 North Lake Boulevard – 7:30 pm Sunday
  10. Tequesta 46 Willow Road – 7:30 pm Thursday

Continuing with regular meetings in the first 90 days not only helps those in recovery stay committed, but it also gets them connected in the fellowship and others who are on the same path. They now have a network of individuals in AA or NA that have the same purpose, and new friendships with a positive peer group have been built. These ongoing meetings help patients stay strong, motivated, and committed to long-term recovery.

This is where the strong fellowship of AA and NA plays a vital role. Individuals continue to grow and learn from the group and sponsors sharing their experiences, strengths and hope. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous continually remind those in addiction recovery that this is now a life-long journey, and that they are also just one poor choice or weak moment away from starting all over again. These groups provide a life-line, with many individuals always willing to help in any way possible. They provide stability and reinforce healthy coping skills for when real life comes back and presents problems or situations that would have formerly been dealt with by using alcohol or drugs. The fellowship is a life-long support mechanism to stay on the right path.

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