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Edna’s Women's Sober Homes West Palm Beach Structure

Support and Coaching:

Our women's sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida staff is ready to assist you as you face the personal issues and challenges associated with early sobriety. The first few months after a drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers or the beginning of abstinence will certainly be challenging. however, our staff is always available to speak with you about whatever obstacles you may be facing. Whether you just need to talk through a personal issue, or you need help devising a battle plan to combat a particular bad habit, Edna’s sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida has experience and qualifications to lead you through your transitional living program, one day at a time.

Daily Activity - All recovery residents must work, volunteer or attend an outpatient rehabilitation program. Those unemployed must obtain employment within the first 2 weeks at Edna’s Sober House. Clients are expected to be out of the house and looking for work between the hours of 9 am – 3 pm Monday through Friday until full-time employment is obtained.

Random drug testing is a necessary safeguard to ensure everyone is staying clean and sober. This will be done once weekly randomly, different days for different clients. This includes a urinalysis test and breathalyzer. These tests are administered for your protection and all halfway house clients. During any testing, clients will remain with staff until the results of the testing are complete, with any test given throughout stay at Edna’s. All clients will be drug tested upon arriving at Edna’s Sober House, prior to unpacking.

  1. MAT – Medication Assisted Treatment clients are welcome at Edna’s Sober House on a case by case basis*. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is a viable recovery tool. Clients who want to live at Edna’s and are a MAT patient would be required to work with staff to provide documentation of their medication plan of treatment. Clients would also have to strictly follow prescription instructions and notify staff of any changes to their medications. *If we find that Edna’s doesn’t have proper staffing to monitor any client’s medication plan, referrals will be made to alternative recovery residence facilities available.

Medication Monitoring - Clients complete and accurately list all prescription medications, with dosage and quantity prescribed per day. All prescribed medications must be in labeled containers or packages that clearly state the clients name, medication and dose per day. All over the counter (OTC) medications may be in the clients possession and can be taken as the label from the manufacturer states. Edna’s sober homes Palm Beach Gardens has the right to conduct a medication count of all prescribed medications at any time. this is to ensure a Client is following physician’s instructions. *If a Client is found or suspected of not following instructions, Edna’s Sober homes West Palm beach, Florida has the right to secure the medications in the locked business office. The residence House Manager and or Owner will supervise the client thereafter to ensure physician’s instructions are being followed.

  1. All medications, whether over the counter or prescribed, must be kept in the individual safe provided for clients including vitamins.
  2. The Client will inform the House Manager of ANY new prescribed medication immediately.

Curfews - 11:00 PM weekdays and 12:00 AM Friday and Saturday (this may be adjusted for employment reasons upon approval).

Hazardous items search will be conducted thoroughly prior to a new client unpacking. This is also done if the client leaves the house for more than 24 hours (on a pass).

Passes are available to clients after two weeks. Clients must be current on rent to receive an overnight pass. Clients will be required to take a drug test upon return. Each client is responsible for maintaining a clean and livable space, as well as a daily chore.

Weekly mandatory community meetings and regular 12 step meeting attendance is required.

Wake-up times with beds made by 9 am, every day.

Clients are encouraged to find hobbies, nurture skills, and make productive use of free time.

Edna’s Admission


  • Weekly $210
  • Monthly $825
  • Private Room $1500
  • Administrative Fee $250 *non-refundable; can also be utilized to hold a bed for up to 30 days.

Length of our sober homes program – We recommend a minimum length of stay of 6 months. This allows the client to re acclimate into the community, get a job, and get a sponsor. there is a service commitment and a group of sober supports/connections that must be in place to help the client STAY sober. Clients can stay as longer as they grow in their recovery.

Sober Homes West Palm Beach for Pregnant Women

Our sober homes for pregnant women in West Palm Beach staff is ready to assist you face the challenges associated with pregnancy during early sobriety. Every member of our staff is a mother and wants to share our life knowledge with our clients. The first few months after beginning of abstinence will be challenging, but our staff is always available to speak with you about whatever you’re facing. Edna’s will help you devise a plan of action to get proper medical care. Edna’s will also help you search for proper housing after your pregnancy is over. Edna’s has experience and qualifications to lead you through your early sobriety while living in sober living and being pregnant.


Edna’s believes in the collaboration of therapies for clients to achieve strong recovery. And in line with this, we work to maintain a balanced and high-quality list of professionals to refer clients to for them to choose one. FARR standards require that we provide at least 3 professionals for any type of service and Edna’s follows this policy. We maintain a list of the best drug rehabs in the West Palm Beach area. Our list is updated as the services available locally change. We are constantly working on providing the best referral sources from drug rehabs Austin to drug rehabs New Jersey. Our goal is to provide you information on some of the options to consider. Edna’s benefits in no financial way from providing these referrals. Services clients may seek to connect with include:

  • Sober Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Detox Facilities

Learn Life Skills

After you have successfully achieved sobriety, moving forward in your recovery will require many different things. One is that you acquire and practice of an essential set of life skills that may have been lost. These skills will be very helpful in assisting you as you build a new lifestyle that is free from drugs and alcohol. At Edna’s women's sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida, our transitional housing program is designed to develop and improve all the necessary tools and life skills for those in recovery. These skills will also assist individuals as they learn to productively manage the stress of everyday life.

Essentials of a Life in Recovery

Before you can begin developing basic life skills in recovery, it’s important that your environment and lifestyle supports your sobriety as well. The essentials that support a life in recovery are:

  • Health
  • Home
  • Purpose
  • Community

Principle Life Skills in Recovery - our sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida facility provides individuals in recovery with countless learning experiences. These opportunities are important to develop life skills that will make the transition back into mainstream life much easier. Although the recovery process is extremely personal, Edna’s Sober House will encourage the development of recovery life skills, and then the time to practice new healthy habits before re-entering society as a self-reliant, sober individual.

  • Self-Care - A high-quality transitional housing program will help clients recognize the importance of daily self-care as well as what it looks like. Residents should learn and practice the basics of self-care practices within the boundaries of their sober living program. This includes getting adequate sleep, eating nutritious foods, and using coping strategies to combat depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions.
  • Cooking meals - Just as making healthy food choices is important, individuals in recovery also need to learn how to create a meal plan, shop for groceries, and prepare their own meals. Edna’s Sober House requires that clients to purchase their own groceries and prepare their own meals, which gives them time to practice this skill and bond with the other ladies in the house. Living with other women in recovery also provides an opportunity to shop and cook with friends.
    • Beginning a regular exercise routine
    • Opening a bank account
    • Volunteering in the community
    • Submitting a minimum of three job applications each week until employment is secured

    Setting and achieving personal goals - One of the top life skills in recovery should also include making goals. Years of substance abuse may have left some people feeling hopeless, without any life goals or aspirations. Goals keep life moving forward and prevent old habits from seeping back in. Others may have never had goals in the first place. Fortunately, recovery is the perfect time to start defining and pursuing personal goals. For instance, positive goals may be:

  • Maintaining a clean, living space - Learning how to maintain a clean, living space is good discipline and it will also make returning home a whole lot easier, especially for your family. Living with other individuals (whether in a sober living home or in a more traditional home environment) presents its own challenges and obstacles. As individuals in recovery learn to keep their living environment clean and tidy, they also learn the importance of respecting others and considering others’ wants and needs when making decisions.
  • Managing finances - Another essential recovery life skill is managing finances. Financial planning and management may be difficult for a person in recovery, as they may be used to allocating all their money to acquiring drugs and/or alcohol. Edna’s Sober House requires that residents purchase their own personal products, food, pay rent, and anything else needed. The time spent in a sober living house will give residents the opportunity to practice budgeting, saving, and planning for these expenses.
  • Building healthy relationships - Healthy relationships is one of the most important and challenging new life skills for those in recovery. While the person in recovery is adjusting to their new life of sobriety, their family and friends will also be adjusting to the change. Regardless of how family and friends respond to an individual’s newfound sobriety, it is vital that people in recovery learn to:
    • Communicate clearly
    • Express emotions in a healthy way
    • Listen to others
    • Identify and cope with triggers in social situations
  • Managing time – Those people who were addicted to substances most likely spent most of their time and energy using or obtaining drugs and/or alcohol. In recovery, these people must learn to fill their time with goals, activities, and recovery-oriented work. One of the best ways to practice time management while in a sober living program is to invest in a calendar. Using a calendar to schedule the day is a great way to avoid boredom and wasted time, which puts a person at higher risk for relapse.
  • Finding and maintaining employment - Maintaining a good job is one of the many things that makes life more meaningful, especially for those in recovery. Edna’s transitional housing program provides a computer and printer for clients to use to create a resume and search for employment. Edna’s will coach and guide clients to learn how to search for employment using various methods, fill out applications, create or update a resume, and how to properly present themselves in a job interview.

Gain Life Skills in Recovery with Edna’s Sober House – After abstinence from alcohol and drugs, many individuals may still need support as they begin the transition back into society. Sober living programs can provide resources and life skills for those in recovery to help their clients successfully become a contributing member of society.

Edna's sober Homes West Palm Beach Helps with Legal Consequences

Drinking alcohol and using drugs can have various legal consequences, including DUI, arrests, court-ordered treatment, fines, jail time, loss of employment and more. Most people started to drink or use drugs to celebrate or cope, but it is all too easy to start making poor decisions that can affect the rest of your life. It’s no longer enjoyable when your freedom is at stake, let alone your health. At Edna’s, we are here to help encourage, coach and guide ladies who are facing these issues.

There are a number of states that require people who have been convicted of a DUI violation to attend mandatory treatment and recommended aftercare, for instance if they want their driver’s license to be reinstated and/or as part of sentencing. Then the client will need proof that all requirements have been met to provide, for instance, for the DMV before a license will be reinstated. We will provide documentation for any court counselors, judges and probation as well.

When people are facing legal consequences, they may initially be sent to treatment and then be required to go to sober living. We understand the importance of a stable and substance free environment during this time and we are here to help our clients to navigate through this time. If anyone is required to do community service, we can recommend multiple organizations that could satisfy that requirement and benefit from your help. And if someone has been ordered to attend a Victim Impact Panel, we will guide you in the right direction to meet that obligation.

Fulfilling any legal, court-ordered or driver’s license requirements is paramount to getting life back on the right path. We’ve helped many ladies go through these things, and we can help you!

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