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What to Pack

The sober environment at Edna’s Sober House is designed for transition, for support and success. To make the process even easier, we have a packing list below to make it easier to prepare for your new sober living experience. If have any question as to whether something is allowed, contact us prior to arrival.

To Bring:

  • One week of clothing
  • Toiletries and hygiene products (i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, etc.)
  • Towels
  • Money/bank card for transportation (bus passes, Uber, gas, etc.)
  • Personal electronics (laptops, tablets, and cell phone with chargers)
  • Food and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Plastic hangers
  • Plastic laundry hamper

Not to Bring:

  • Bedding
  • Pets (no dogs, cats, fish, etc. are permitted)
  • Wall-hanging decor (personal pictures can be placed in frames on dresser or ‘clip’ style boards)
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Inappropriate materials or clothing (anything displaying/suggesting/promoting sexual content or drug use)
  • Products containing alcohol (i.e. mouthwash, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, cleaning products)


  • Weekly $210
  • Monthly $825
  • Private Room $1500
  • Administrative Fee $250 *non-refundable; can also be utilized to hold a bed for up to 30 days.


"I had the pleasure of staying at Edna’s house at one of the lowest times in my life. They truly helped me to get my life back! The house is kept very clean and is filled with women working hard on their recovery. Edna’s house taught me how to live one day at a time sober. It taught me structure, love, and how to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol. The management went above and beyond to help me not only in sobriety but all aspects of my life. They were there for me, and still are whenever I need them. What a Godsend. Ladies if you need help moving along your road in recovery, Edna’s house would be my number one recommendation! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Edna’s Sober House for giving me my life back!!! God bless."

-Susan Marlowe

"I was a resident of Edna’s for 9 months. This home was truly a blessing, life saving and life changing. The staff truly cares about the clients. They are extremely supportive, understanding and has inspired me to be a better me. They literally save me from spending time behind bars. The woman I am today is far different from the woman that stepped into Edna’s door 9 months ago. The home is beautifully decorated and is super clean. My roommates were mature, beautiful women who gave me so much love and support in trying times. I am beyond grateful for Edna’s Sober House and the women here. These women I actually can call my friends, my family!!"

-Erica S

"Beautiful, clean, loving and soooo supportive! Edna’s helped me get through a really rough time in my life and I will be forever grateful! I also made some amazing life, long friends! Can’t say enough about how awesome this place is!"

-Juliana K.

"A house full of women all on the same journey. The house mom is amazing. The environment is just amazing!"

-Stephanie H.

"I’ve been living at Edna’s for over a year. This house has totally saved my life. First off, it’s a beautiful house with a huge kitchen, spacious dining room, and plenty of kitchen storage. The back patio is secluded, and there are 4 bathrooms. But most importantly, the house is managed by staff that cares so much about every life in the house. Management is always available and listens and offers lots of help. I’ve made Edna’s my home for the past year and I am forever grateful to have a sponsor who recommended it to me through comments she had heard herself. Thank you thank you Edna’s!"

-Lauren M.

"I have never felt more at home or loved than in this house. If you need help and support, this is the place to be for sure. It’s a beautiful house, in a good area, and the women who run it genuinely care. I am so blessed to have had the chance to live at Edna’s and work on myself and my recovery there. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. At Edna’s you are part of a family of strong, independent women who will do anything to build you up, never to tear you down. Ladies, if you are looking for a safe, supportive place on your path in recovery, I would definitely recommend Edna’s."

-Jessica L.

"I am previously lived at Edna’s Sober House and was there for more than 3 months. My experience was great and I highly recommend it to any woman looking for a supportive sober living environment. I’d definitely check it out."

-Bonnie M.


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