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Sober Homes West Palm Beach Helping You Manage Stress and Addiction Triggers

Our Mission at Edna's Sober Homes West Palm Beach, Florida

Our mission at our women's sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida is to provide a safe, healthy and supportive transitional living environment for women preparing to face the world free from alcohol and drug addiction.

Our primary commitment is to the newly sober woman and their family. We consider it a privilege to assist with a compassionate and consistent support system. We can help you get out of the fragile and vulnerable condition from addiction. We have helped many females with both physical and emotional components holding them down. Our recovery residences believes in peer group recovery to help individuals thrive, gain strength and coping skills in a safe, substance free environment.

Conquering addiction requires continual, on-going support to avoid relapse. Recovery is not a goal, it is a process, and addicted individuals must develop strategies to manage their stress and addiction triggers. In order to stay clean and sober and avoid addictive habits and behaviors, you need ongoing support.

Our Values

  • We recognize that addiction is a treatable and chronic disease.
  • The value and importance of AA, NA and other related Twelve- Step programs for ongoing recovery.
  • We believe that adherence to strong ethical standards of conduct in every area should never be compromised with abstinence as our primary goal.
  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Ethical and responsive client care, including family members.
  • We value our clients and our staff always in all ways.
  • Dedicated to making our clients successful.

Jeanenne Boulter, Edna's Sober Homes West Palm Beach, Florida Owner

Her passion is a drive to provide the best sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida offers.  Originally from GA, Jeanenne was raised in Florida and has lived in Palm Beach Gardens for more than 30 years. She went to high school in Orlando then took the long road to earn her college degree in Finance, taking evening courses & working full-time during the day. Jeanenne received her bachelor’s degree from Florida Atlantic University, while working as a stockbroker for a major Wall Street firm in their Palm Beach office.  She has three adult daughters and is the youngest of four. Taking time off after 10 yrs of work enabled her to raise her family and get her priorities in order. She re-entered the workplace in sales, having a natural dexterity for communicating & selling products. She found companies with product lines that  benefited patients of healthcare professionals.

After overcoming personal challenges in life and with this disease, she has found her passion helping people.  She now operates Edna’s women's sober homes in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Her passion and dedication is to help women into long-term recovery. “Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy and supportive transitional living environment for women preparing to face the world free from alcohol and drug addiction.” Jeanenne loves fitness, has run a marathon (once!) and is passionate about her Peloton.  She enjoys going to the beach, golfing and her Australian Sheppard.  She continues to grow and increase her knowledge, credentials and skills to help more women find a life of recovery, hopefully without the same struggles she endured.

Why Halfway Houses Palm Beach Gardens. Florida

Edna's halfway houses Palm Beach Gardens, Florida believes in relapse prevention techniques. Conquering addiction requires continuing support to avoid relapse. Recovery is not a goal, it is a process, and addicted individuals must develop strategies to manage stress and addiction triggers. To stay clean and sober and avoid addictive habits you need ongoing support. Edna’s Sober halfway houses in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida follows a 12 step based program.

Michelle was born and raised in Melrose, MA, where she attended high school. She has four siblings and was active in sports all through school. She started drinking and drugging as a teenager. She moved to Florida in 1992, has three adult children, and recently became a grandmother. In 2008, something triggered a repressed childhood trauma and her addiction took off. She took legal steps to report her abuser and founded a website which helped other girls to come forward and report what happened to them. Unfortunately the man couldn’t be held accountable and when there was no closure, Michelle went downhill.

She drank heavily for 3 years then had a suicide attempt. This is when her road to recovery began. She went to treatment for her trauma and alcoholism, and for the first time in her life, she began to heal from her past. When she first arrived in AA, she did what the old timers told her to do. She went to AA meetings every day, often several a day! She got a sponsor and slowly worked the steps. When she was 90 days sober, friends asked her if she really needed to go to meetings every day and she said she loved going to meetings. She didn’t think however that she was going to be friends with the people at A.A. Now, almost every friend she has is a member of AA. She has had big losses in sobriety, large challenges and NEVER felt the need to drink or drug. With the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, she says she has learned to really live life. She has learned to be a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a hard worker, and a responsible trustworthy member of society, all with grace and dignity.

Sober Homes Palm Beach Gardens Manager

Today, she is the sober homes Palm Beach Gardens Manager. She celebrates eight years of sobriety in 2019 and still attends an AA meeting almost every day. She has hosted a monthly AA anniversary dinner since 2012 and has helped cater the annual Palm Beach County AA Gratitude Dinner since 2013. In her free time, she loves paddle boarding, golfing and going to the beach. She is an avid reader and has a passion for refinishing and building furniture. She firmly believes that AA has saved her life!

Michelle joined Edna’s in 2019 and truly enjoys working with the ladies and helping them with their challenges of early recovery. She is responsible for meeting potential and new clients, assisting family members of clients along the way and managing the daily operations of Edna’s. She leads by example and can be found helping others through A.A. service. Michelle has found her passion working with the ladies at Edna’s Sober House and we are grateful to have her on our sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida team.

Alea is the Senior Resident staff member at our sober homes West Palm Beach facilities. She was born in Georgia and raised in Texas, where she went to high school. Alea was a swimmer, dancer and cheerleader growing up in Austin. She has twin adult daughters that live on the west coast of Florida. She is known to be a huge prankster and likes going to the movies, reading and traveling.

Alea’s struggle with addiction came later in life when she was involved in an accident, which resulted in necessary back surgery. That in turn led her to a pain management doctor who prescribed her large amounts of strong pain medications. Unknowingly, she trusted the physician knew what he was doing when prescribing these medications to her. She took what was prescribed until she crossed that threshold (again like many of us) and began to abuse them, which led her onto the path of addiction. Her whole life spiraled out of control. She became a mother who was absent while being present, a wife that was unavailable, a selfish friend, an unreliable employee, and a prisoner to this disease.

Transition to Edna's Sober Homes West Palm Beach, Florida

Alea attended inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment multiple times. First with the support of her family, and then without it, because she didn’t want to take the aftercare recommendation. Without practicing the principals of NA/AA, rarely going to meetings and not having a sponsor, Alea relapsed, which was inevitable. After Alea’s last inpatient, she followed the direction of an aftercare plan, moved to the east coast of Florida, enrolled in an outpatient program.

They challenged her to move into a halfway house, or our sober homes West Palm Beach, Florida location for three months. She was reluctant because all she knew about sober homes was what she had seen on tv. Alea toured a couple of homes and chose Edna’s Sober House which she says has ended up being one of the best decisions she has ever made. In the first three months after coming to Edna’s, Alea experienced some of the worst times of her life, but she stayed at Edna’s because it had become her safe haven.

House Mom at Our Sober Homes West Palm Beach Facility

Overtime, Alea became our house mom at our sober homes West Palm Beach rehabilitation facility. Here she has has many critically important responsibilities. She helps anyone new to the house get acclimated to the house and to our local AA/NA. She knows everyone’s schedule, their regular meetings and encourages group cooking for the fun. She says her position keeps her grounded and accountable not just to herself, but to the ladies who live here too. She has celebrated her third year of sobriety while living at Edna’s.

Alea learned to embrace the program of recovery and has met some great people along this journey called sobriety. Because she is working a program and staying sober, she has reconnected with her daughters which has produced the most amazing relationship for her. She’s traveled to Cuba, Bermuda and Alaska in sobriety. Sure, she’s had rough times in her life since getting sober, but she is grateful, present, transparent, and just kind. She loves being at Edna’s sober homes West Palm Beach and feels it has definitely saved her life. We feel blessed to have her on our team and with us for more than three years now.

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